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Published Feb 07, 22
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Selling a Home Fast: 10 Tips to Make it Happen - in Briar, TX

Find a top-notch listing agent, Want to close quickly but also looking to maximize profit from your home sale? A top-shelf listing agent may be your best bet. They'll help accurately price your home, stage scroll-stopping photos, write a killer listing description and be your advocate when it's time to evaluate offers and negotiate.

You'll generally expect to pay about 6% of the total home sale price in commissions, split between the buyer's agent and your listing agent. However, an experienced agent may cost more (say an 8% commission, with the buyer's agent receiving 3% and the listing agent 5%). It's something you'll want to ask about when you're interviewing potential listing agents.

Though selling to a relative or friend is one reason FSBO homes tend to move fast, 2020 data from the National Association of Realtors shows that FSBO homes' median time on the market was just one week, versus three weeks for agent-assisted sales. (For FSBO sales where the seller knew the buyer, the median time was zero.)The downside of selling your house without an agent? If you don't already have an intended buyer, you've got to find one.

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You'll also take on listing agent tasks like marketing (whether that's a yard sign or an online listing), buyer walk-throughs and negotiating. And while FSBO homes spent less time on the market in 2020, NAR data shows they also sold for lower prices. The median price for agent-sold homes was $295,000 in 2020, while the median price for FSBO homes was $217,900.

Choose a cash buyer, Whether you're working with a listing agent or selling your home on your own, opting for a buyer making a cash offer can also accelerate the closing process. The buyer simply has the money, so there's no need to worry about whether their financing will fall apart or how long mortgage underwriting will take.

Some steps of closing, like the title search, should still happen. But taking buyer financing out of the equation can dramatically drop the time it takes to close a home sale. With a cash offer in hand, you could be ready to close in as little as two weeks. On the other hand, cash buyers who aren't i, Buyers (in other words, regular people) can be pushy.

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Then again, if selling your house fast is your bottom line, you may be willing to leave some money on the table for the convenience of a mortgage-free transaction. More tips to sell your house fast, No matter who you choose to sell to or how you end up selling your house, before it's time to sell you can also take some basic steps that allow you to hit the ground running.

You don't necessarily need professional home staging; just a thorough cleaning and some decisive decluttering can work wonders. Removing personal items makes it easier for buyers to envision the home as theirs and can also help avert potential discrimination. Cutting back on clutter (even storing a piece of furniture or two in a friend's garage) can help a small home appear larger.

These days, curb appeal means having a facade that'll make a buyer click on your listing, not just how your home looks from the street. (And since many online listings open with an exterior shot, these are arguably the same thing.) Pressure-washing your siding, trimming and weeding any unruly landscaping, and freshening up decor details can all make a difference.

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Create demand. A "coming soon" period, where your property appears on the Multiple Listing Service but isn't yet shown to buyers, could help you gather offers more quickly when your house officially hits the market. It's not the same thing as a pocket listing, which is when a property is for sale but kept off the MLS.

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I highly recommend Offerpad! I'm so happy that I went with Offer, Pad. They were so quick to answer my request online and sent someone the very next day or two to come take a look at my house. My agent James, hands down, was the best agent to work with.

What kind of company looks for your best interest? They do! Because of James, I will use Offer, Pad again. James went out of his way to help me knowing that I was a single mom juggling work and kids. He is one of a kind and deserves more than this review, and he truly cares.

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Short Answer: Real estate auction is the quickest way to sell a home for the most money. Other options can either get you more money or take less time, but a real estate auction is the way that gets you the in the (about 21 days). What Every Seller Should Know About Selling a Home Fast for Cash whether the house is sparkling clean or they’re selling a house as is.

But you’ll almost certainly pay for that kind of speed. These companies are generally run by investors who are leveraging your need for quick cash against their desire to buy property below market value. If you accept a quick cash offer for your house, expect to get much less than what it’s worth.

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One person will offer as little cash as he thinks you will accept for your property. You will then get paid in cash in about 21 days. This is often the exactly the same or only a few days quicker than selling at auction where you can get a lot more money for your property.

Unlike cash offers that give you only one buyer, auctions make buyers compete for your property. That means you walk away with more money. Similar to cash offers, auctions make buyers pay all of the fees. Unlike selling a house through a traditional real estate agent, you don’t have to pay anyone for the right to sell your own home.

Pre-qualified buyers; you’ll only get serious offers on your home. You’ll avoid lengthy negotiations. There’s more chance that your home will be sold at its true market value. Increased exposure to buyers. The terms of sales will be established by you, the home seller. Sells your home relatively quickly. Cuts out guessing the asking price.

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Puts you in the driving seat of marketing your home. Depending on your circumstance (if you have any outstanding liens or not) Houses often sell ad pay out at auction in 21 days. Sometimes it can take more time, but you can generally expect your house to see return within 45 days at the most.