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Published Jan 15, 22
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You have three options for dealing with any issues. Either fix the problem ahead of time, price the property below market value to account for it, or list the property at a normal price and offer the buyer a credit to fix the problem. Remember: If you don’t fix the problem in advance, you may eliminate a fair number of buyers who want a turnkey home.

Further, many states have disclosure rules. Some require sellers to disclose known problems about their homes if buyers ask directly, while others decree that sellers must voluntarily disclose certain issues. Not Preparing for the Sale Sellers who do not clean and stage their homes throw money down the drain. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to hire a professional.

Failing to do these things can reduce your sales price and may also prevent you from getting a sale at all. If you haven’t attended to minor issues, such as a broken doorknob or dripping faucet, a potential buyer may wonder whether the house has larger, costlier issues that haven’t been addressed either.

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Because of your familiarity with the home, you may be immune to its trouble spots. Decluttering, cleaning thoroughly, putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and getting rid of any odors will also help you make a good impression on buyers. Not Accommodating Buyers If someone wants to view your house, you need to accommodate them, even if it inconveniences you.

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A buyer won’t know or care if your house was clean last week. It’s a lot of work, but stay focused on the prize. Selling to Unqualified Buyers It’s more than reasonable to expect a buyer to bring a pre-approval letter from a mortgage lender or proof of funds (POF) for cash purchases to show that they have the money to buy the home.

Can You Sell a House With a Mortgage? Yes, you can sell a house with a mortgage. During the escrow process, you will get a mortgage payoff statement (sometimes called a payoff quote) from the lender holding your mortgage that lists the exact remaining balance. When your loan closes, the escrow agent will send the balance of your mortgage to your lender, paying off your mortgage.

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Staging a home can lead to quicker sales and higher home prices. However, not everyone needs to hire a professional staging service. Just taking a few steps like cleaning and decluttering can have a significant impact on a home's sale and will need to be done before moving regardless of the sale.

If working with a real estate agent, you should receive a seller's net sheet before you even list your property, which details what you can estimate to make. When you have accepted an offer and are in escrow, you will get a closing disclosure from your lender that details exactly how much you will receive after your loan closes.

However, most cash buyers won't buy a home for more than 75% of the home's value, minus any anticipated fixing-up expenses. That means someone selling a $100k home that needs $30k in repairs can expect offers around $45k from cash buyers. Selling a home for cash is easier, but at a significant financial cost that should be considered.

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Make sure you prepare mentally and financially for less-than-ideal scenarios, even if you don’t make any of these mistakes. The house may sit on the market for far longer than you expect, especially in a declining market. If you can’t find a buyer in time, you may end up trying to pay two mortgages, having to rent your home out until you can find a buyer, or, in dire situations, in foreclosure.

Selling your first home isn’t as simple as listing your home on the market. Much like buying a first home, the learning curve can be steep. We’ll break down the essential steps for selling your home, so you can win over buyers and sell it for the most money – without losing your cool.

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In the digital age, sellers no longer need to list their home with a real estate agent—you have options. But, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to determine the best fit for your circumstances. Haven’t heard of Opendoor? Learn how we make selling your home easier. The real estate agent (or listing agent) markets the home, prepares the paperwork, and communicates with the buyer’s agent—the real estate professional who assists the buyer with finding and closing on the home.

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For assisting you with the sale, the listing agent will typically charge 5-6% commission (fee varies by location) that then gets split with the buyer’s agent. Keep in mind, there are other costs to selling your home beyond agent commissions. With this option (often called “FSBO”), the owner manages all aspects of the sale.

In FSBO transactions, the seller has an asking price and can stick to that price, and it is up to the buyer to pay their agent a commission. Alternatively, the seller can negotiate the rate with the buyer’s agent. The traditional process can be stressful—showings, repairs, offers that fall through, and months of uncertainty.

While this can save money, it requires more time and effort. All the paperwork and home marketing fall on the seller. You’ll need to handle tasks like listing the property online, taking high-quality photos, writing listing details, and scheduling showings. Knowledge of the local real estate market is also important to accurately price the home.

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The traditional process can be stressful—showings, repairs, offers that fall through, and months of uncertainty. Selling to an i, Buyer like Opendoor is an alternative way to sell your home that emphasizes convenience and certainty. With Opendoor, you can receive a competitive offer on your home and then move on your own timeline without listing on the market.

Unlike a home flipper that’s investing in undervalued homes to maximize price appreciation, Opendoor makes a competitive offer on houses that are in good condition. For our services, we charge a service fee similar to the commission a real estate agent collects in a traditional sale. Compare the costs of selling to Opendoor versus a traditional home sale.

How you price your home can mean the difference between an offer and weeks or even months on the market. Online tools can provide an estimate of your home’s value. The traditional way to value a home is to manually select a few comparable homes or “comps” that have recently sold in your area.

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For example, if your home has three bedrooms but a comp has four, how much would the comp have sold if it had three? This gets even more challenging with features like pools, vaulted ceilings, and a mountain view. Opendoor uses current market data to analyze hundreds of comparable homes along with info uploaded by the seller to make a real offer in just a few days.